Company Profile

Numeric Marine is small but highly specialized.

The initial group of people started working in 1997 and the company was officially established and formally started in 2001. It operates domestically and internationally delivering ship production documentation, 90% of it in digital format via Internet.

The company's basic activity assumes producing the following:

  1. 3D lofting - generating steel/aluminium parts definitions
  2. Plates and profiles nesting and NC code for plate cutting
  3. Comprehensive lists of materials of all parts and profiles (steel/aluminium weights come out as a side product)
  4. Hull form plate expansion
  5. Profile bending templates and sketches
  6. Production phase drawings for outfitting and machinery with piping

Secondary activities, only in terms of volume of work, are Naval Architecture ship designs assuming hull fairing, hydrostatics, trim & stability calculations, structural design including calculations from first principles (FEM method etc.) and various ship systems design. The types of vessels carried out are pusher boats and tugs, barges, pleasure crafts, patrol boats, all types of inland vessels and others.

Software tools

Over the years company and its staff members have worked with various CAD tools such as ComputerVision's CADD's, Fast Ship, Ship Cam etc., but the AutoCAD has emerged as a company's standard tool. Recently 4 licenses of NUPAS program were also added to the list.

In the CAM part, the company has been successfully using its own nesting and NC code generation program.

AutoCad is used within house developed extensions to perform true 3D hull fairing and 3D solid generation of parts. Hydrostatics and stability calculations are done also within house developed program. For strength calculations Nastran/Femap FEM programs are used.


The most important company's asset is its staff. From the early days of introduction of numerical processes in the shipbuilding industry, we have been leaders in applying and developing this technology in local and international shipyards.

Total of 7 full time employees comprises of 3 Naval Architects and 4 Technicians. Additional 2 to 5 engineers and technicians are frequent team members, depending on the project demand. Each of the stuff members had minimum 10 years of direct shipyard experience, some had as much as 30 years, before joining Numeric Marine.

On any given project, this personnel under “normal” workload conditions, puts out about 280 hrs/week. When project imposes tight deadlines, the throughput can rise to 350 hrs/week and under ‘extreme’ workload, the company is capable of putting out 450 hrs/week for a limited duration.

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